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Chennai: Spread of Coronavirus puts brake on car parking project

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The extreme outbreak of Coronavirus is having disastrous effects in India today. One of its effects can be seen in Chennai. There will be a delay in the multi-level car parking project going on in Theagaraya road in T Nagar, Chennai. Some of the key people involved in this project are from Wuhan, Chain (which is the main centre of the widespread of the virus) and have not been allowed to fly to India, according to officials in the Greater Chennai Corporation.

The project is expected to create parking for almost 550 two-wheelers and 250 cars in a multi-storey building at the Thanikachalam road junction. People coming to T Nagar in their own vehicles will now be able to park their vehicles in this facility.

Civil work is almost completed and the facility would have been ready for inauguration by April. By now, all the machinery has arrived but it was held by the seven engineers who were supposed to assemble them. 

The brought in machinery was basically for the car park’s automated system of trolleys which will help to transport the car to and from a parking slot within a very short period. But this was yet to be tested and commissioned by the engineers from Wuhan.

This is the first project launched under the Chennai smart city mission started in February 2018. This mission was started to solve the T Nagar parking problem.

This corporation is currently working on an on-street app-based parking project in the city, which has been commissioned by a private contractor. This app was tried in the pedestrian plaza for about 10 days. About 200 cars and two-wheelers can be parked on the pedestrian plaza. 

Coronavirus is outlying in a great spread today which is not only affecting health but also business. 

Be conscious!
Be safe!

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