Book parking

How to book parking on the Park+ app!

Gone are the days of cruising around in parking search. Gone are the days of parking on-street. Gone are...
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car insurance, insurance, car protection

The ultimate guide to Car Insurance

The importance of car insurance is quite well known. First of all, it is mandatory for all automobile buyers...
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Importance of real time availability in the digital age

In this fast-paced digital world, everything is readily available and easily accessible. Where each and every company is coming...
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Park+ is making malls safe again

The coronavirus pandemic landed so unexpectedly in our lives and brought almost everything to a halt. With the lockdown...
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The ultimate guide to monsoon car care

When we hear rain, the first thing that comes to mind is chai pakora and the other one is...
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Innovative Park+ Social Distancing Solution for malls finds coverage on TOI

The Times of India recently covered our initiative towards enabling a safe shopping experience for mall-goers with our tech-driven...
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