Park+ is making malls safe again

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The coronavirus pandemic landed so unexpectedly in our lives and brought almost everything to a halt. With the lockdown in effect, gone were days of sudden movie plans, long drives or restaurant trips. Even basic things like grocery shopping became a task of extensive planning.

Now as the lockdown is being lifted in a phased manner, many startups have risen to the occasion to make your life easier in this new normal and Park+ is one of them. The Park+ social distancing solution for malls is designed to ensure a contactless experience and prioritise customer safety. The solution enables crowd control by limiting the no. of visitors inside the mall & stores.

How does it work?

  1. Generate: The customer either generates a unique mall pass by scanning a QR code at the entry of the mall or uses the Aarogya setu app QR code.
  2. Scan: The representative scans the code.
  3. Record: The mall representative enters the no. of visitors, their temperature and offers them entry.

Similarly, exit is also offered by scanning the QR code. Yep, the process is that simple! The whole trip to the mall becomes completely contactless as you can even pay for your parking online. No ticket, no cash, no contact & no hassle!

Our solution has been all over the news the previous month and was featured by Economic times as well. Read the complete article: Startups with novel tech solutions for social distancing make hay

Source: ET website

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