The ultimate guide to monsoon car care

When we hear rain, the first thing that comes to mind is chai pakora and the other one is amazing weather. Well ‘tip tip barsa paani’ too :p  And when the weather is so awesome, it definitely calls for a long drive. Rain is quite pleasant for us but the muddy & wet road may not be your car’s best friend. So you must be extra cautious when driving in rain. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Go slow:
    It is advised to drive a bit slow when it is raining as wet roads increase the stopping distance when you brake.
  1. Stagnant water ahead:
    If you are forced to drive through stagnant water, don’t panic. Just put your car in first gear and move slowly. Don’t stop anywhere in the water. Keep your car revving & don’t let water into the exhaust system.
  1. Headlights on:
    If you are driving in heavy rain, the visibility is quite less. Therefore turning on the headlights and fog lights becomes very important.
  1. Defogging:
    Nowadays most cars are equipped with automatic defoggers. But if your car doesn’t have this feature, you can turn on the blower at maximum. With the vents directed at the windshield, it will defog easily.

Also it becomes quite important to prep your car for the season. So to start with we are going to recommend a few things that you must check in advance before ‘mein nikala oh gaddi leke’. Our recommendations bollywood style 😎!

  1. Ty-re sang yaara:
    Checking that your tyres are in good shape becomes paramount in the rainy season. Mainly because tyres help maintain grip on the road. If the tyre tread depth is not good enough then traction with wet roads may make the car skid. The tyres have a small bar in their grooves and when this bar completely wears down it indicates that it’s time to replace the tyres.
  2. Headlights bujhaa do:
    No no no, don’t turn off the lights! Everyone knows that visibility is hampered when it rains therefore the headlights & tail lamps should be working condition.
  3. Ruk ruk ruk are baba ruk:
    Pull the brakes! Although it goes without saying that proper functioning brakes are needed at all times but worn out brakes & wet roads may become a deadly combination. Therefore, getting them checked before monsoon starts is a good idea.
  1. Wiper Idhar chala, udhar chala:
    Ensure that the wipers do not leave any lines or smudges on the windscreen as it may hamper your visibility while driving. Keeping the wiper washer fluid full at all times is also very necessary. Adding a mild detergent or shampoo to it can help clear the windscreen in a better way.

So we have covered the crucial parts to be checked before clouds start taking over the skies but that is not all. This season brings many more struggles for your car. And you thought your girl was high maintenance!

But what are a few struggles for the true love you have for your car. Are we right, captain? So let’s hop on to some other points to keep in mind.

  1. Keeping the carpet clean:
    Stepping into the car with wet, muddy shoes is likely to be a nightmare for the carpet. Therefore covering them with a paper mat is probably a very good idea. This way the dirt gets transferred to the paper mat & carpet stays clean. If somehow you get them dirty, cleaning with a foam based cleaner can help.

(Car Paper Mat)

  1. Protecting the exterior:
    Do not let water sit on your car as it may cause damage to the car’s paint. Opting for a ceramic coating or wax polish for your car can help protect it from not just rain but also bird droppings & heat. It helps water to easily slide off from the car.
  1. Opt for windshield glass coating:
    Getting the windshield glass coated is very useful as it helps water to easily slide off making the wipers more effective.
  2. Keep the car battery in check:
    Also make sure to check your car battery and apply a coat of petroleum jelly on battery terminals to avoid moisture.
  1. Don’t use a car cover:
    When we think about protecting a car parked in open, car covers come to our mind. But using it to protect your car in the rain may make things even worse for it. Although it will cause a barrier for rainwater & dirt to reach the car, the cover itself may stick to it as the sun dries the water down.
  2. Protect the underbody:
    This stays one of the most neglected areas in a car. The underbody is constantly in contact with dirt and water which is why it becomes even more imperative to protect it. Coating it with used engine oil and diesel can help to avoid corrosion.

Hope this article is helpful in making your car monsoon ready. Have a safe & comfortable drive!

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