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In today’s era, the world is running behind development and technology. Great things are being invented to make our life easier day by day. But the sad truth is, this development goes hand in hand with the deterioration of the environment and the quality of the air we breathe in.

Since cars came into existence and completely transformed the way we commute, their number has been on the rise and consecutively there has been a rise in pollution levels across the globe as well has prompted countries to fix emission levels for all motor vehicles. 

Did you know that in Delhi about 41% of contribution to the air pollution is by vehicular emissions! Yes, the issue is that grave. The Pollution Under Control Certificate is one way to ensure that minimum contribution is made to the already severe air pollution. Under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989, the government of India has made the PUC a mandatory document for all motor vehicles in India. Almost everyone knows that PUC is a mandatory document but many do not understand why. Let’s take a look at the importance of PUC in India.

Why is PUC certificate important?

  1. Environmental responsibility: Checking if  your vehicle is pollution free and it does not emits gas that destroys the environment.
  2. Global warming: The oil and gas used and produced by the motor vehicles and cars contribute to the existing level of global warming.
  3. Old vehicles: The exponential growth of vehicle dominance of the old vehicles is the major tribute to the pollution. So, in order to bring this to a control government has finally issued the compulsory PUC certificate with each vehicle owner. 
  4. Legal obligation: It is one of the legal obligations to issue or renew your PUC certificate time to time. Driving without or an expired PUC certificate is an RTO violation which results in Rs. 1000 fine.

There are more than a million cars registered in the transport department office today but according to an official, the total number of cars registered in Delhi is more as compared to the PUC certificate issued. 

The environment that we survive in is degrading with each passing day and that too because of our own selfish needs. Therefore it is high time we realize the importance of things like PUC. It will take you just a few minutes to get your PUC done but it’s overall impact is much greater than that.

So we as responsible human beings should keep the PUC document handy whenever we are driving and always get it renewed in time. Wondering where you can get your PUC done? Here is a tip for you: ‘Main nikala, oh gaadi leke, oh raste par, oh sadak mein, ek Petrol pump aya, me uthe PUC karva laya!’

Driving is a part of our daily life and can not be avoided. But we can be responsible by keeping a few things in mind just like PUC!

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