How to pay challan on the Park+ app?

challan payment

When you are out there on the road in a country like India, you can spot at least 10 people knowingly breaking the traffic rules causing hindrance to their own safety and that of others. That is why thousands of challans are issued by traffic police on a daily basis.

In this digital age, the traffic police has also opted for a high-tech path to catch these mischievous voilaters. Drivers are always on the lookout for traffic policemen because they want to get away with overspeeding, jumping traffic lights. But today’s reality is that policemen are not the only ones they should look out for while driving irresponsibly on roads ‘kyunki upar vala sab dekh raha hai’ 

There are cameras placed everywhere around the city to catch these road runners & rule-breakers and as a punishment e-challans are sent directly to their homes. The violator has to pay this challan within 60 days of being issued to avoid any future hassles. 

People usually find it very tedious to stand in long queues for challan payment and hence wonder ‘If there is an easy way to pay challan online?’ or maybe ‘How can I pay challan from my phone?’ 

Looking for the answer to these questions? You have landed at the right place. Let us take you through the easiest way to pay challan online.

The Park+ app has introduced a new feature recently from where you can easily view and even pay your challans online. Why stand in long queues, when you have the provision of online challan payment from the comfort of your home!

Now, here’s how you can pay challan directly from your phone:

Step 1: Search Park+ on Google/Apple store

Download app from here:
Android –

Step 2: Register yourself with your phone number

Step 3: Click on the ‘Challan’ option in the bottom menu on Home Page.

Step 4: Put in your vehicle number and click on Get challan details. 

Step 5: Now you can view all your Challans segregated as Due and paid

Step 6: Click on a particular challan to expand the details. The data is fetched from different sources therefore sometimes the app will ask you to enter your chassis or engine no. to view details or directly show the details.

If you see this enter your chassis or engine number to view the challan details

Step 7: If the challan detail shows pending in court,  Payment cannot be made for this challan. If the challan shows the challan amount then you can pay the challan directly from here

Now, next time if you wonder ‘How can i pay my challan from my phone’, just remember that Park+ is there for your rescue!

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