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Importance of real time availability in the digital age

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In this fast-paced digital world, everything is readily available and easily accessible. Where each and every company is coming online with their products or services and every day new startups are emerging with the aim of solving problems or just making people’s life better in some way. One thing that mostly startups are focusing on is CONVENIENCE. They constantly work towards making their product or service reach their customers even faster. Real time availability is one of the things that have had a great impact on usability of applications for the consumers.

What is real time availability?

In simple words, real-time availability is the live availability of any product or service.

In this era, we as consumers are making use of so many applications on a daily basis. This dependability has just increased due to this unfortunate pandemic. Want to get groceries delivered? Big Basket or Dunzo. Not in the mood to cook? Zomato or Swiggy to the rescue. Daily supply of dairy products? Milk basket is there. All the applications may be very distinct but they all make use of real time availability to be useful for their customers. We can just view the stock of products available for purchase or the services that can be availed and book them on the basis of this visibility.

How Park+ makes use of Real Time availability

Parking is a big time issue in countries like India. Finding a parking spot can be a very stressful task. Even if you do find a parking lot, there is no guarantee that there are any slots left in it. Heading out to a crazily jam packed location in India means you have to be ready to deal with the anxiety of spending excessive time in parking search. Not finding a parking spot easily is such a common occurrence that it does not even seem like a problem anymore. But it’s time to push the stop button on all our parking hassles.

Park+ is completely transforming the way India parks by bringing the parking lots available nearby and the spaces available in them to our fingertips. At the click of a few buttons a person can view how many slots are left in a building and make calls accordingly. This app makes sure that the person doesn’t have to ponder on whether he will find a parking spot at the place he is visiting because he can simply check that and even book a slot for himself.

Real time availability in the parking industry is a revolution and Park+ is the flag bearer. Be a part of this revolution and download the app:

Android: https://bit.ly/30T6oAj

IOS: https://apple.co/30UUgi4

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