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10 must have car accessories for your car!

10 must have car accessories

Cars nowadays are just not a means of transportation but also a second home where we end up spending 3-4 hours of our day. So how do we make our cars even more comfortable and convenient?

New features and gadgets keep coming up in the market but we can’t always buy a new car for that. This is where car accessories come into picture! These devices are amazing once they are installed in your car and plus you will not have to buy a new car. In Fact these car accessories will give a chance to experience the greatest and the latest innovations. You will find some extremely useful car accessories that you will be amazed!

But finding the best yet useful car accessories at an affordable range can be tricky. Which one should you invest into? Which accessories would be more useful?

Read on, this article might help!

10 must have car accessories for your vehicle

Excited to transform your car? Woohoo! Let’s get started. 

  1. Car GPS Tracker : This is one of the most useful car gadgets that every car owner must invest in. This device helps to locate the location of your car directly from your mobile device. This way you can be sure that even if your car is stolen you can track it down easily. The range of this tracking system is somewhere around 6,000 INR to 9,000 INR but definitely a small amount to invest for your car’s security.
  1. Reverse Parking Sensors: Even if you have an old car, you can still get reverse parking sensors installed in your cars. Gone are the days when you used to ask others to direct you. These sensors would help you for that now. They range from 3000 INR to  4000 INR but are totally worth it!
  1. Portable Car Vacuum: If you have kids or pets and your car is a mess, an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner makes it easier for you to keep your car clean. The car seats cannot be drycleaned again and again. These portable car vacuums will clean up that mess for you. Its price range starts from 400 INR.
  1.  Pet Travel Car Window Mesh: This mesh is a driving experience enhancer for your beloved pet. This will allow your pet to feel the breeze while you’re on a ride and will also prevent him from falling. It can be adjusted according to the size of your window. It is quite durable and convenient. It starts from 3500 INR.
Pet Travel Car Window Mesh
  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS): Wireless tire pressure monitoring system with LED color display has come up in the market. TPMS continuously monitors and displays real time tire pressure and temperature through LED color display. It will alert the driver immediately if the pressure or temperature of a tire is abnormal. Its cost lies somewhere around 1,500 INR to 3,000 INR.
  1. Mini fridge electric cooler and warmer: Planning a road trip with your friends? And worried about your cold drinks and snacks? Don’t be! This mini fridge will keep your drinks cold and if you turn on the heating feature, you can keep your food hot. This mini fridge can be placed anywhere in your car. This fridge  is capable of holding up to six 12 ounce cans at a time which is perfect for a family picnic. This accessory starts from 1999 INR.
  1. Car seat organizer: These organizers will help you organise all the extra stuff that you carry in your car like your water bottles, diaries, plastic carry bags, your ipads etc. It is extremely flexible and has many pockets. It will accumulate all the extra stuff you have in your car in an organized manner. These start from as low as 350 INR.
  1. Car toddler seats: Your child should also be given a seat that suits him until he is big enough to sit in the front seat with his parents. These toddler seats will change his car riding experience. And along with him, even you as parents would drive carefree. These seats will tuck him in and prevent him from moving. The cost of these seats start from 1000 INR.
  1. Cars heads up display (HUD): This feature will display driving information of speed, water temperature, RPM, Battery voltage, petrol level etc on the car’s windshield at your eye’s level. This newly launched feature ensures safety and driving pleasure too! Price ranges from 1,500 INR to 6,000 INR.
  1.  Car Key Finder: Undoubtedly car keys are the most commonly misplaced item. You forget them every now and then. But thankfully a key finder is now introduced which would help you track your car keys within seconds. This is a bluetooth tracker which is installed in the key which helps to track it. You just need your smartphone to track it down. The range is somewhere between 1,000 INR – 2,000 INR.

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